Some Historical Background on the AGSDCF, Inc.

The American German Shepherd Dog Charitable Foundation, Inc. (AGSDCF) was incorporated in the state of Wisconsin on November 30, 1984, to provide an independent organization that could accept tax-deductable donations for the benefit of the German Shepherd Dog. The first donation was received in 1987.

It was founded by a group of devoted lovers and supporters of the German Shepherd Dog…Sam Lawrence, Eugene Tenges, Robert Williamson… as a non-profit organization devoted to funding research projects that improve the health and well-being of our great breed. Since our beloved GSDs can not speak for themselves, we are their advocates supporting studies designed to enhance their health and welfare.

Early Board of Director members and officers were stalwarts of our breed such as Ted Beckhart, Jane Bennett, Helen Miller Fisher, Dr. Joseph Giardina, Sam Lawrence, Mary Roberts, Eugene Tenges, Robert Williamson,

In June of 1997, the AGSDCF became a proud Founding Member of the American Kennel Club Charitable Health Foundation.

In the beginning, the AGSDCF was affiliated with the German Shepherd Dog Club of America and were financially supported by them. However, since 2005, the AGSDCF stands alone in its grant support of the health and welfare studies that affect our great breed.

In 2015, the AGSDCF contributed $48,550 in grants to the American Kennel Club Charitable Health Foundation. In December of 2015, the AGSDCF was honored by the AKC/CHF by being named a Distinguished Research Partner. Nearly one million dollars has been donated by the AGSDCF and three other honored Distinguished Research Partner foundations to benefit not only our individual breeds, but the health of all dogs.

To the Health of the Breed

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