2019 Donations

2019 Endowment, Memorials, Honorariums, and Donations Received

The following donations have been received through December 31, 2019.  We are deeply grateful for all donations made as each donation represents love of and caring for the health of animals and, in particular, the German Shepherd Dog. 


JoAnne Baldauf
Virginia Garrett
Gayle Georges
Helen Gleason
Jonathan Gordon
Caroline Hashem
Bill & Clara Dean Hope
Cel Hope (monthly donation – cancer research)
Sylvia & John Kinney
Cathy Lester
James Mezey
Shawna Myerly
Sarah Pheasant
Christian Sayer
Kathryn Springer
Reed Alexander Zale

Ed Boek & Bear
A wonderful Dad and friend
Terrie Ebert

Tracy Weldon

Ellie Carson in recognition of steadfast support of the health of the German Shepherd Dog
Board of Directors of the AGSDCF

GCH Kaleef’s Sugar Glider PT CD CGC RA
In honor of Reese, our sweet boy who brings us great joy everyday!

Max was SAR for the Blue Mountains of Pennsylvania. He was a therapy dog at Lehigh Valley Hospital for seven years. He was an all black GSD from Germany. He died at nine years of age of hemangiosarcoma
Sara Woodward Schrum

My 12 year old male GSD who was just diagnosed with solar hemangiosarcoma
Marita Petterson

All owners of dogs that had to endure DM
Sharon Todoroff

Donations received for the individual or special friend listed in bold letters

Gary Anton
Who left behind his beloved German Shepherd, Ford
Gail Krasity

Ann Blackie
Jack and Dawn Hyde
Kay Springer

Barbara Charest and her beloved German Shepherd Dogs
Diane Scott

Dave Coleman
Ellie Carson

C George Edstrom, Althea Richardson Edstrom, Toivo Sam Hokkanen, Aili Elizabeth Hokkanen
Our wonderful family who will remain forever in our hearts
Deb & Sam Hokkanen

Jane Kerner
Ellie Carson

Ron Kligerson
Christene Judd
Sharon Langman

Paul Larson
In celebration of his life
Deb & Sam Hokkanen

Henry “Hank” Lusardi
Remembered with love
Deb & Sam Hokkanen

Eleanor Richardson
In love and peace
Deb & Sam Hokkanen

Ralph Roberts
The AGSDCF Board of Directors
Ginny Altman
Tim Brown
Ellie Carson
Olivia ‘Sam’ Colvin
F Susan Godek
Deb Hokkanen
Nancy McDonald Godek
Tish Walker

Mike Romines
Ellie Carson

Ruth Scheubler
Ellie Carson
William Davidson, Davidson Farm

Dan Smith
Leon Butler
Ellie Carson

Lauren Stacey
Remembered in love and peace
Deb & Sam Hokkanen

Paul Tisdale and all his furry friends
George & Suzanne Pavelko

In appreciation to all who have supported the American German Shepherd Dog Charitable Foundation and the German Shepherd Dog breed
To the Health of our Great Breed
Deb & Sam Hokkanen

In honor of the members of the GSDCA
Cathy Lester, Deborah Stern, Gail Stiefferman
Representing profits from the sale of T shirts at 2019 National

Ellie Carson’s Birthday
Facebook fundraiser
Stan Dorst
Pat McConnel LeRoy
Kathy Potter
Maggie Wieberg
Jiri Ruzicka

Sherry Kenachu’s Birthday
Facebook fundraiser
Linda Battistoni
Nancy Hubbell
Randy Mars
Betty McDermott
Daisy Nannette Phillips Owen
Kl Rieger
Bill Rogers
Patricia Eames Schaefer
Colette Skinner
Kay Springer
Donna Starr

Chester (monthly donation)
Lori Rohre

Remembered with love
Deb & Sam Hokkanen

Sharon & Dave Norige

Jacob, Max and Tasha
Sara Woodward Schrum

A Miniature Schnauzer with the Heart of a Lion Shepherd
Deb & Sam Hokkanen

Our beloved Josie who suffered with degenerative myelopathy to stay with us as long as she could because she loved us as much as we love her
Katherine Lerner

Sel GCh LaComtesse Bellamy
Ellie Carson

US Sel Exc Can Sel Ch Lockenhaus’ Isis v Kenlyn Hi-Cliff OFA H/E
Pamela McElheney

Ch Long’s Peak Keebler Elf
Patty Korsch

A 14 year old Australian Cattle Dog who succumbed to hemangiosarcoma
Claudia E Colner

Meka & her will to stay & fight beating the odds for 2 years
Kelly Prall

A great kitty aka “Rock Star”
Deb & Sam Hokkanen

Sascha (monthly donation)
Gail Phillips & Miles Smith

Scout Skehan
Tom & Rhonda Gioia

Kay Springer

Tina Rose Hunter
Jeff, Julie, & Seth Hunter

Wallace Dusol
Maurice Dusol Jr M.D.

All the dogs that suffered from DM
Sharon Todoroff

DAE Ch Charbar’s Elke RN TC CGC (Lucy)
owned & loved by Joye & Larry Evans