President’s Annual Report for 2008

Looking Back on 2008

As we all know, the year 2008 was an unusual year …a year to take notice…..Gas prices on the rise and questions about the economy bulging at the seams. So with respect to the supporters of the Foundation and the Breed, it was decided to tone down any great extravagances and re-cement our relationships with each other and recommitting to the Breed. A Silent Auction table…one of the best…. was there for the bidding and, taking into account, the considerations of the year, it was relatively successful. The Live Auction was postponed until the 2009 National in deference to all of our attendees. You might ask… “Then how was the BENEFIT?” GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! It was a beautiful low-key event, with great food, door prizes, great people and great communication.

Virtual Galas

In conjunction with the 2008 National and the AGSDCF 2008 Benefit a special invitation was given to all. In celebration of the New Year, the AGSDCF Inc. invited Breed enthusiasts to hold a “non-event” called a Virtual Gala, which would help to support ongoing health research to benefit the German Shepherd Dog. This is a tax-deductible contribution to the 501c(3) Foundation. Contributors may hold their gala “Wherever they are the happiest…and Whenever they’d like to have it.” The suggested levels of support ranged from $50 – $200 or whatever is most comfortable considering the issues of the day. The random date chosen was January 2, 2009. However, it’s not too late to be a part of this innovative charitable donation plan. Contact Ms. Laurie Pruett and let us know you’re on the team.

Work Retreat

Our “Work Retreat” will be held in Texas for 2009 during the month of March. This is a 2 ½ day No Expenses Paid (by the AGSDCF) Retreat that is completely subsidized by each individual Board Member. So believe me, everyone makes the time COUNT!

Thanks to the Board and Committee Members

In conclusion, it’s long overdue that I tell this AGSDCF Board and our supporters that they are appreciated. Many thanks for a job well done and given freely from the heart. Ginny Altman-Vice-President, Tish Walker-Secretary, Van Dukeman-Treasurer, Peter Cacioppo-Planned Giving Officer, Board members – Tim Brown, Dave Coleman, “Sam” Colvin, Jack Eberts, Sue Godek, and Laurie Pruett. In addition, very special kudos to Becky Tsaros Dickson , Sue Sacco, and Evan Ginsburg for their continued volunteer support. To Gail Hardcastle, GSDCA President, and the GSDCA Board – many thanks for your protection of the Breed and support of this Foundation

Working together, the AGSDCF, Inc. asks that we all recommit ourselves in the year ahead to……. GIVING BACK TO THE BREED THAT HAS GIVEN SO MUCH TO US!

To your health and ……….. “TO THE HEALTH OF THE BREED”