President’s Annual Report for 2007

Progress reports were received by the AGSDCF Inc. for the following sponsored Grants. They are:

  • * Grant #2434: Recombinant Thyrotropin (TSH): Standard for the Next Generation of Canine TSH Immunoassays with Improved Sensitivity. (FINAL REPORT)
  • * Grant #276: Microarray Analysis for Cardiac Gene Expression in German Shepherd Dogs with Sudden Death. (FINAL REPORT)
  • * Grant #632: MicroRNAs and Canine Lymphoma (Year-End 2 report)
  • * Grant #593A: Mapping Genes Associated with Canine Hermangiosarcoma (Mid-Year 2)

Annual AGSDCF Inc. Board Meeting

The Annual AGSDCF Inc. Board Meeting held at the GSDCA National covered many timely and very important subjects. Not the least of which is the need for a new Treasurer. Ms. Laurie Pruett’s name was brought to the table for consideration as Director with the ultimate plan of becoming Treasurer. The AGSDCF Board will hold a conference call in February and vote on this nomination. Should this nomination be confirmed, Van Dukeman our current treasurer will stay on until he officially turns over the reins to Laurie, which would be after taxes in 2008. At that time, it is the wish of the Board that Van Dukeman remain on the AGSDCF Board as Director and Budget and Finance Chairman.

Directors Emeritus

The Directors and Officers of the AGSDCF Inc. voted unanimously to institute the award Director Emeritus to people who have given support and sustenance to the AGSDCF Inc. The first five individuals to receive the distinction of Director Emeritus were honored at the Foundation Benefit on Friday, October 19, 2007. A heartfelt salute and appreciative wishes and memories filled the room as the recipients were announced . . . Mrs. Helen Miller Fisher, Mr. Ralph Roberts, Ms. Helen “Scootie” Sherlock, Mr. Eugene Tenges and Mr. Robert E. Williamson. Vigorous applause and salutations accompanied this presentation.

Foundation Benefit in Colorado

A very successful Benefit was held by the Foundation in Colorado. 2007 was so successful that we are sure that many new research grants can be sponsored on behalf of the Breed’s Health. Our Silent Auction held on the show grounds saw excitement, great items and much support from the fancy and the fabulous Friday evening Benefit was a rousing success with exceptionally handsome and caring participants standing tall for the Breed at the Live Auction. Many thanks to our supporters and those of the Breed . . . once again, you made yourself known!

Our Committment to the Breed

During the year, what could have been an explosive issue was avoided. Through miscommunication the perception that some GSD organizations had control over another. Just to set the record straight, all of the organizations that we are most familiar with have their own separate bylaws and charters and are therefore their own entity. Having identified and corrected the area of concern, it enabled all organizations to continue to work together for the good of the Breed – and Kudos to all! The American German Shepherd Dog Charitable Foundation Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization and enjoys working closely with the German Shepherd Dog Club of America, the American Kennel Club Canine Heath Foundation and the Morris Animal Foundation, among others.

Thank heavens for all our German Shepherd Enthusiasts who have supported the German Shepherd Dog, each other and the AGSDCF Inc. I believe that exciting results will be forthcoming and new exploration is but a moment away. We extend an invitation to the fancy to join us as we work to sponsor research grants on the march to find solutions for illnesses that affect our Breed.