President’s Annual Report for 2003

During the past year, the AGSDCF Foundation continued the sale of cookbooks at Regional Specialties and Futurity weekend shows. To date over $15,500 has been received in the sale of cookbooks. With an all out effort, another $4,500.00 could easily be raised for the health needs of our breed. As this project was totally funded by donations, the entire sale receipts are used for the health research grants of the German Shepherd Dog.

Two other Officers and Directors of the Foundation announced their retirement Robert Williamson and Helen “Scootie” Sherlock. Letters and gifts for their many years of service were sent to each. Ginny Altman was appointed to coordinate the Foundation efforts to study the various research grants presently to the AKC-CHF and several individuals requesting funds. As of September 1, 2003 two research grant proposals have been received by the AKC-CHF directly relating to our interest in health problems specific to the German Shepherd Dog. Both proposals were the direct result of the Foundations and AKC-CHF combined effort to request Dr. Roger Clemmons, University of Florida, targeting Degenerative Myelopathy and Dr. Sidney Moise, Cornell University, targeting heart and sudden death problems, to submit research requests through the AKC-CHF. Two grants will be available for funding as of January 1, 2004. In December of 2001, the AGSDCF Inc. donated Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000) to the AKC-CHF. This amount was matched by the AKC-CHF to total of One Hundred Thousand dollars ($100,000) in research funds to be committed to the health needs of the German Shepherd Dog. The donated fund is presently being held in an interest accumulating Donor Advised Fund until an appropriate research proposal is submitted and approved.

At the Benefit Party in Daytona Beach the Cliff Recognition Sculpture will be on display. The purpose of this trophy is to raise funds by the Foundation for research. Your dog’s name may be inscribed on the trophy for a designated cost. As requested by Don Cliff this dog does not require any titles, simply your best friend and life long companion.

The Foundation held an electronic meeting in May. Approval was passed to establish the new web site. The Foundation requested all GSDCA members to use the proper complete name when make donations or endowments to the Foundation.

The Foundation recognizes past donors as well as Heritage Society members on the Foundation web site. These donors are cumulative and divided into categories. Peter Cacioppo, our fund raising and structured gift ambassador, has made significant progress in our will and legacy contributions.

The AGSDCF Brochure will be included in the parent club dues notices. Foundation information is available on our new web site: This site includes the Foundation Officers, Directors, History, Grants, Contributions, Heritage Society, cookbook, Recognition sculpture, Annual Reports, Financial Reports as well as helpful links.

The Foundation and GSDCA are jointly planning a health survey of our breed. I am requesting information, input, and suggestions on the most current prevalent diseases affecting our breed. Perianal Fistulas, Degenerative Myelopathy, Hypothyroidism, and Pancreatic Insufficiency are currently heading our list of diseases to consider when focusing the funding of our research grants.