President’s Annual Report for 2000

In 2000 the Foundation will again feature the Benefit Party, the Silent Auction, the cookbook release, sale of logo jackets, pins, and pens to support the health grants that address the concerns of the German Shepherd Dog. This year the Silent Auction table features another Llardo again thanks to Frank and Kris Fasano, two beautiful handcrafted rugs by Helen Mendelsohn, and well as many other quality items.

As President of the Foundation it has always been my objective to secure donations to fund Foundation sponsored activities, the benefit, the auction and the cookbook. Thanks to our sponsors, the dedication pages and the advertisements the cookbook was fully funded and has in the two years contributed over $11,300 to breed research recommended by the Foundation.

The Foundation would like to thank a special GSD family for the donation of $10,000 from a private foundation. The donor of this gift has requested to remain anonymous.

Scootie Sherlock and I are presently forming a medical advisory board of veterinarians and breeders to provide us with information on the most current problems in our breed. This information would help the Foundation to direct funds to research grants in these areas.

As President of the Foundation I would like to update you on the grants your Foundation has made to the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

The first grant #1632 is active and assigned to Dr. Joan R. Coates for investigation of Canine Degenerative Myelopathy.


Year 1 GSD Match$ 6,000
Year 1 AKC/CHF Match$18,460
Year 2 GSD Match$ 6,000
Year 2 AKC/CHF Match$18,460
Total for two years all funds combined$48,920

The above referenced Grant #1632 is a two-year study that began in October 1998. Reports will be forwarded to Scootie Sherlock and Susan Godek who are serving as Foundation liaison to the AKC-CHF. The American German Shepherd Dog Charitable Foundation pledged $12,000 in support of the study. Six Thousand Dollars was released from the Donor Advised Fund in 1999. Four Thousand Dollars was released from the Donor Advised Fund in 2000 with the balance of the funds ($2,000) being forwarded from the AGSDCF in 2000.

The second grant #1628 is active and assigned to Dr. John M. Angles for investigation of the genetics of Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy (Skeletal Disease).

Year 1 AGSDCF$1,000
Other participating clubs: Weimaraner Club of America$4,000
Year 1 AKC/CHF$5,000
Total Funds combined$10,000

The above referenced grant is a one-year study, which began in October 1998.