American German Shepherd Dog Charitable Foundation

In 2007, the American German Shepherd Dog Charitable Foundation In. (AGSDCF) made its first gift to support canine health studies at Morris Animal Foundation. Since then, AGSDCF has continued its investment in research, particularly in health concerns for the German Shepherd Dog.

We help fund research studies aimed at reducing the incidence of medical conditions in the German Shepherd Dog and improving the effectiveness of treatment of many types of medical conditions.

We research and fund medical studies that look for the cause of, prevention of, and treatment of the German Shepherd Dog’s most debilitating issues.

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We believe gene research will be extremely rewarding in the years ahead.

Your help is needed now to continue funding valuable research studies on various medical problems that affect not only the German Shepherd Dog  but also other breeds and even humans.

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We are proud to have funded in full the AKC/CHF grant The Genetics of Bloat in German Shepherd Dogs. Dr Michael A Harkey, the chief investigator, did a similar study in Great Danes with exciting results.   Dr Harkney recently sent us this information that we found interesting and exciting – hope you do too.  >>> Read Dr. Harkey’s newest update