Meningiomas are the most common primary brain tumor in dogs that affects more than 10,000 dogs in the U.S. annually. These tumors occur most frequently in older dogs and in certain breeds -- Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Boxers, German Shepherd Dogs and Collies -- causing uncontrolled generalized grand mal seizures in most cases. Although the biological behavior of these tumors is generally considered benign, most meningiomas recur less than one year after either surgery or radiation therapy. Furthermore, radiation therapy is expensive, involves many, repeated episodes of general anesthesia, and cause severe adverse effects. Longer survival times can be achieved through special techniques, but most dogs treated undergo more standard surgical removal and/or radiation therapy. Clearly, there is an urgent need for novel therapies to prevent tumor recurrence and increase survival time after surgery.

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agsdcf_logo_smallThe American German Shepherd Dog Charitable Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization devoted to funding research projects that improve the health of the German Shepherd Dog.

We are grateful to the special dogs who have given their hearts and souls to make our daily lives happier. They ask nothing more than to be loved, fed, and their health needs met.

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