CHFlogoPrincipal Investigator: Dr. Jonathan D Foster, VMD; University of Pennsylvania
Total Grant Amount:  $11,493.36; Grant Period:  11/1/2014 - 10/31/2015

Project Abstract:
Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a devastating disease in canine patients. AKI represents a spectrum of disease characterized by a rapid loss of kidney function, resulting in impaired kidney filtration of metabolic waste products. Regardless of the inciting injury, the resulting kidney dysfunction causes increased serum kidney values and often decreased urine production. The resulting retention of metabolic waste products causes the clinical illness of AKI. Decreased urine production (oliguria) or complete cessation of urine production (anuria) may indicate a more severe kidney injury and are associated with increased mortality. Patients with decreased urine production are more difficult to manage when hospitalized and have higher morbidity than patients with normal urine output. Therapeutic intervention with diuretics has historically been performed in an attempt to induce urine production and thus facilitate the filtration and excretion of metabolic wastes. Unfortunately these therapies are often ineffective and are not without risk of unwanted side effects. Fenoldopam (a selective dopamine DA-1 receptor agonist that induces renal vasodilation) has recently been shown to increase urine production in people with minimal side effects. Little is known regarding the effect of the drug on kidney filtration and whether there is potential for its use in dogs. The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of fenoldopam on kidney filtration by measuring glomerular filtration rate during fenoldopam administration. If fenoldopam increases filtration rate it may in turn facilitate removal of metabolic waste products, potentially leading to improved outcome in patients with AKI and decreased urine production.

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