The American GSD Charitable Foundation encouraged support from GSD Regional Clubs, including the GSDC of Minneapolis and St. Paul as well as a number of GSDCA members and German Shepherd Dog fanciers across the US, to participate in VDI’s study to test the effectiveness of Thymidine Kinase (TK) as a screen for canine cancer.

VDI is pleased to announce that after three years, the study has finally been published; you may read a summary below:

VDI Screening Study:
The study conjoined two biomarkers to detect both cancer and overall health in otherwise apparently healthy dogs. The biomarker Thymidine Kinase, a measure of abnormal cell proliferation, along with C-reactive protein (CRP), a measure of systemic inflammation (both hallmarks of cancer), achieved a heightened level of sensitivity to detect cancer. The study showed 100% of all cancers were detected 4-months prior to clinical signs, and 82% of cancers 6-months prior.
However, because many disease states cause, or are caused by chronic inflammation, CRP is also a strong indicator that some underlying issue may be present in the otherwise healthy looking dog. Chronic Inflammation leads to the development of serious disease and should be investigated and resolved promptly. The study showed that when inflammation was present there was a 20% mortality rate within 6-12 months whereas negative inflammation had only a 3% mortality rate. That’s nearly a 7-fold increase.

INCaSe® Canine Health and Cancer Screen
As a result of the study and subsequent publication, VDI is pleased to be offering INCaSe® – the only comprehensive single screening blood test available in the United States. Designed to be part of a routine wellness plan, INCaSe® can provide early indication that cancer or other serious disease may be present.
It’s with the participation of owners of GSD that VDI has been able to bring a new test to the field of wellness management. Keep up to date with other innovations and studies relating to canine health on our website. VDI continues its efforts to research and develop innovative biomarkers for fight against cancer and other diseases in companion animals. From all of us at VDI, thank you.

If anyone has any questions about VDI, the clinical study, or INCaSe (the screening test), please have them contact Kyle via email or at 805-577-6742.

Kyle Wilson
VDI Laboratory | Associate Product Manager | 4685 Runway Street, Ste K., Simi Valley, CA 93063 | phone +1.805.577.6742 | fax +1.805.577.6792 | | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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