(2014 Endowment, Memorials, Honorariums, and Donations Received)

The following donations were received in 2014.  We are deeply grateful for all donations made as each donation represents love of and caring for the German Shepherd Dog. 

Frances Churchill Living Trust (Jane Jeter’s mother)

Margaret Allen
Danny & Rebecca Barnett
Nasreen Bhumbra
Kristine Carroll
Charles Delorean
Charles & Mary Goldstein
Gerald Schultz
Brian Zitt

2014-2015 focus AKC/CHF
Joseph & Ruth Armisto
Joanne Baldauf
Joseph Bihari
Karen Humbert
Gladys Meyer
James Smalley
Memory of Am/Can Ch Ausgang’s DeVille Couvoissier
Memory of Am/Can Ch Ausgang’s Remy Martin
Donors at 2014 GSDCA National

Donations received for the individual or special friend listed in bold letters

Mike Burnett
Alice Carnahan
Citizens Bank of Washington County
Mitchell & Susan Drucker
Jeanne Egan
Equipment Controls Co
Joye L. Evans
Jason Fulmer
Karen Gormley
Cheryl Jennings
Patricia Poe
Vernis & Bowling of Palm Beach FL
Wells Fargo Ins Svcs

Milo Cooper
Robert Cooper Family

Walter Falk
Minnesota Dog Judges Association

Rick Goede
Frank & Ellie Carson
Debra Hokkanen
Tish Walker

Liz Leschhorn
Ellie Carson

Berenice M Refowich and Robert Alan Refowich
Stephen & Patricia Gombocz and Sue C Rush

Tom Sherman
Ellie Carson
Debbie & Sam Hokkanen

Special Friends We Have Lost
Lori Rohre

Karen Dewey

David Croteau

Schmidt and Schatzi
Jennifer Macdonald

Review Ads
GVx AOE Sel Ex Ch Falcon’s WeLove Liberty TC RN
GVx AOE Ch Mar Haven’s Black Orchid ROM TC HT PT CHICb
Sel Ex Ch Braunhaus Samuri ROM

Sue Godek


AGSDCF Purpose

agsdcf_logo_smallThe American German Shepherd Dog Charitable Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization devoted to funding research projects that improve the health of the German Shepherd Dog.

We are grateful to the special dogs who have given their hearts and souls to make our daily lives happier. They ask nothing more than to be loved, fed, and their health needs met.

Your donations to this Foundation will help make future generations healthier and happier.



Contact us:  info@AGSDCF.com

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